Winchester Featured on Manufacturing Marvels®/Fox Business Network

Saltsburg, PA – Winchester Industries will be the featured company on Manufacturing Marvels® airing November 8th, 2013 on The Fox Business Network during “The Willis Report” show, (9:30-9:45 pm EST, 8:30-8:45, CST, 7:30-7:45 MST, 6:30-6:45 PST).

These segments are produced by award winni ... [READ MORE]

Winchester Celebrates 30 Years of Triple Pane Window Manufacturing!

Winchester Industries, a Saltsburg, PA based window and door manufacturer, considered itself ahead of the game when it first began designing and making superior energy-efficient products 30 years ago.

 The company’s subsequent three decades of success in the industry was celebrated at an October 3rd luncheon at the factory with employees, families, friends, vendors ... [READ MORE]

Customer Testimonials

I was so tired of all the scraping, caulking, painting and maintenance our window required. With our new Bristol windows the house looks 100 percent better and I have a crystal clear view through my windows no matter what the weather.  There's no fogging or condensation, so I can see the reds, oranges and yellows of fall leaves and even snowflakes.  Since there’s been no maintenance ... [READ MORE]


Many Bristol and Oxford replacement windows qualify for the Federal Energy Tax Credit. Bristol/Oxford replacement products with our exclusive Super T-E-A10 glass surpass the ARRA's 30/30 requirements. Utilizing multiple layers of SolarBan60, proprietary gas mixture and envirosealed spacer combined with a reinforced frame and sash guarantees energy savings and structural integrity. We've been manufacturing tri ... [READ MORE]

Exclusive Territories Now Available

Winchester's products and services are superbly structured to assure you Gold Medal "Winning" Sales  & Performances!

Today's marketplace is an extremely complex environment with every wiindow manufacturer promising to be the best! Failure to sort out the promises from the real facts wil ... [READ MORE]

Winchester Equals Stability!

Your choice of supplier effects your customer's satisfaction, your cash flow and your profits! You should be wondering about the status of your current supplier.

Maybe your window supplier is really controlled by one of these "bailout banks, ... [READ MORE]

EPA Issues Final Draft of Energy Star Criteria

July 31, 2013

Winchester - A Manufacturer Worth Investigating

Fixin' to Be Comfortable in Your Own Skin

I picked up a brilliant little phrase when I lived in the South that many subsequent years in Washington D.C. and New York have yet to erase. To me, it is so much more appropriate than any of its proper English counterparts. Though I never mastered the Southern drawl, I love the phrase, fixin' to %,  As in ... [READ MORE]

Are Replacement Windows the Best Remodeling Investment?

Homeowners are enhancing comfort, curb appeal, resale value, energy and maintenance savings with environmentally-friendly replacement windows, an investment that pays for itself and other remodeling projects.

For homeowners considering a remodel and the contractors wh ... [READ MORE]

Ultimate Security with Q-IV Locking System

High-end replacement windows from Winchester Industries have always featured supreme thermal and structural qualities.  It is, however, our patented highly specialized deadbolt security locking system that brings the extra level of innovation that excites today's homeowner.  

Developed to take our best window into a world untouched by the competition, Winchester's Bristol windows with the exclusi ... [READ MORE]


The World of Vinyl Windows is No Longer Just White or Beige!

For decades homeowners have wanted windows and doors that color match and now it's a dream come true! This reality is made possible by the expertise, innovation and quality craftsmanship designed into every custom replacement window and door manufactured by Winchester.

Our state-of- ... [READ MORE]

Can Beautiful Windows Be Maintenance-Free?

Tried of maintenance chores
Kathleen Strachan knew it was time to upgrade the appearance of her two-story, ranch style home in Eden, New York.  Against wind chills down to -50º F and summer heat approaching 100º F, her single pane, wooden windows had reached the end of their lifespan and she ... [READ MORE]

How to Choose the Right Home Replacement Windows

Count total cost
Though the right replacement windows will enhance view, lighting, ventilation, comfort and curbside appeal, the wrong windows, thermally speaking, can be like holes in your walls letting out costly winter heat and summer air conditioning.

Traditional single and even double pane windows will no ... [READ MORE]

How to Pick Energy Efficient Replacement Windows that Save You Money

Ten money-saving tips to employ when considering window replacement for your home.

Any homeowner trying to lower his or her monthly utility bills must start with the biggest offender in the house, the windows.  Swapping out older aluminum or wood sash windows with modern, energy-efficient ones will more than make up for the initial up-front expense by greatly reducing ... [READ MORE]

Windows and Your Energy Bill

Factors to consider when you decide it's time to lower your home's energy expenses.

Just about everyone agrees that if you are trying to lower your utility bills you have to start with the biggest offender in the home—your windows.  For most homeowners, upgrading windows is one of the biggest home improvement expenses you will face, at first.  ... [READ MORE]

How Much Can New Windows Really Save You?

Sun belt and frost belt homeowners find a way to save nearly half their home energy bills by turning to green technology.

Homeowners are dreading another season of sky-high winter heating or blistering summer air conditioning bills.  Even if further price hikes don't occur, hardly a likely scenario, homeowners are realizing that typical weather stripping an ... [READ MORE]

Celebrating 35 Years of Excellence

“If you can dream it, then you can achieve it.  


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