Winchester Equals Stability!

Your choice of supplier effects your customer's satisfaction, your cash flow and your profits! You should be wondering about the status of your current supplier.

Maybe your window supplier is really controlled by one of these "bailout banks," hundreds of miles away from you and the dealer end of the business.  Or maybe the money you pay to your supplier ends up in the pocket of a not-too-healthy corporate parent somewhere. Maybe the new construction crash has put a substantial strain on their finances, causing them to make hard choices in these uncertain times. Or perhaps management is only there on the "three year plan", waiting to cash out their big bonuses and leave a mess behind for you to deal with.

Unfortunately, many dealers have gotten stuck by one or more of these situations during recent days. Windows ordered for sold jobs never arrive. Homeowners frustrated by pushed-back completion dates.  Jobs that had to be either resold into another product or canceled.  

Wasted leads. Wasted time. Lost revenue. Lost profits. Lost customers!

Winchester has the answer...
Winchester Industries, owned and operated since 1983 by the original founders, is a stable, well respected manufacturer of high-end reinforced replacement windows and doors. Winchester's forward thinking business practices have helped us to avoid the headlines and havoc seen today among businesses that are relying on the banking industry for their day-to-day operations.

No cash flow has to support another under-performing division of a big corporation somewhere. And a consistent focus on high-end remodeling products means the ups and downs of the new construction market have no effect on our business, unlike those that make both new construction and remodeling products.

Winchester dealers do not have these worries. Our thirty year history of fiscally responsible management by the company founders has uniquely positioned us to thrive in the tough economic times that are crippling many of our competitors.  We remain an independent window and door manufacturing company. Our window lines are distributed nationwide as the Bristol and Oxford replacement products.

Now what?  Call Winchester at 724-639-3551 to inquire about our exclusive territories, products and dealership availabiltiy. Additional information can be obtained at

What's in it for you? The ultimate replacement window products loaded with patented selling features and a company positioned to be there for you down the road. We promise you increased profits!

But don't just take our word for it. Read what the senior editor of  "Window & Door" magazine has to say about us and our exclusive products and superior service (see Winchester worth Investigating). Then, without hesitation, call us at 724-639-3551, to arrange for a personal introduction to Winchester's Bristol system, and bring needed stability and product performance to your business.

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